Structural Engineer Design Calculations

We can undertake structural design for all works associated with an alteration, conversion or extensions or only specific items as requested. We can also undertake design for new build. Structural design calculations can be prepared for the most common building materials including steel, timber, masonry and concrete. The design is carried out to ensure compliance with Part A of The Building Regulations.

The structural design calculations will be prepared ready for submission by the customer to the Local Authority for Building Regulations approval and we will prepare sketch details sufficient for construction purposes.

Architects Drawings

We can prepare structural design calculations based on Architects drawings which should be upto a standard sufficient for Building Regulations approval. The Architects drawings could be associated with a new build or alterations to an existing property, such as a loft conversion or extension.

If the Architects drawings are sufficiently detailed to show the new and existing structure then we could prepare the Structural Design Package on a set fee basis.

Minor Alterations

If no Architects drawings are available and the structural alterations are relatively minor then we can undertake a site visit to carry out a detailed measured survey to determine the loadbearing structure which would be required. This could be associated with works such as partial removal of a chimney breast, removal of walls, creating openings etc…

We would apply a fee for the site visit and then advise of the design fee once the full extent of the works has been confirmed. In our experience it is sometimes not possible to determine the full scope of the structural works involved until a site visit has been carried out. If the alterations are relatively straightforward then we can give you an indication of the design fees when you first speak to us and before we attend the property.

We can also undertake retrospective design for structural works which have already been carried out. This is highlighted within the Survey Reports section.

If you are looking to remove a wall then we can undertake a site visit to determine whether it is loadbearing. This is highlighted within the Survey Reports Section.

We can also prepare calculations to determine the adequacy of an existing roof structure to support additional loadings from solar panels.

All of our Structural Design Calculations are carried out by a Structural Engineer.

If the structural design calculations are required as a matter of urgency then we can, depending on availability, offer a Fastrack service.